Simply the Essentials : How to get your DSLR out of Auto

These classes are geared towards moms & dads who want to take better pictures of their kids * no business will be discussed, and if you are a professional photographer, these classes are not for you.

Simply the Essentials * How to get your DSLR out of Auto

$125 a person
Group in-home classes are available. Please contact me if you’d like to host a show to receive a discount or a FREE class for yourself.
An open class is in the works, I will post on FACEBOOK as soon as I have the location & place confirmed.

This class is for you if:
You have a DSLR camera and you do not know what DSLR stands for.
You only shoot in Auto mode.
You do not know what THE TRIAD is.
Your goal is to take better pictures of your kids.
You want to understand how to operate your camera in plain and simple terms.
You want to get to know your camera’s buttons, features and capabilities.

Simply the Essentials is a 2 hour class, followed by 30 minutes of Q&A, where you will learn how to get out of shooting in Auto. You will learn about exposure, focus, aperture, and shutter speed. We’ll talk about different types of lenses and when you would use them.
The class will include reading material, as well as, an invite to a private group where I will give you feedback on your images and answer any questions you may have after the class is over.

What you will walk away knowing:
How to set your camera up to start shooting.
How to effectively use your camera’s exposure modes to achieve the proper exposure.
How to read the exposure settings of an image.
How to control which focal points are selected.
How to get sharp images.
How to use your camera to get the best possible images of your children.

There will not be a lot of time to put these lessons into use during the class. Please refer below to the Simply Shoot class for taking all you’ve learned and putting it to the test, with me right there to help you out.

Private Simply the Essentials classes are available, please contact me for details & rates.


Simply Shoot * Shooting with Your Camera



This class is for you if:
You have read your camera manual and you know how to use your camera.
You know how to shoot in Aperture Priority or Manual Mode.
You know what THE TRIAD is.
You want someone there while you are shooting to help you.

Simply Shoot is a 90 minute on location session style class and is the perfect following to my Simply the Essentials class. You’ll take everything you learned in Simply the Essentials class and put it to use, with me right there to help guide you. We will spend about 60 minutes shooting and 30 minutes discussing.  This class will be tailored to you and your needs. You may split the cost & class with 1 other person. No more than 2 people per class.

PINIMAGE Simply Edit * A Look into Post Processing


This one on one, 2 hour class requires you to have Photoshop CS2 or above.  I will come to your house and teach you the basics of Photoshop, including how to use adjustment layers, your tool palette, and actions.

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  • Carlie Gaudet-Sonnier - Alejandra Medina McKinny was telling me about your online course. Could you please give me more information (Dates, price, etc)? I reside in Louisiana and would more than likely be able to participate in your online class.

    Thank you,
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